Reading-Aloud to Children: A Cautionary Tale with Recommendations for Success


  • Dr. William P. Bintz Kent State University



reading aloud, picturebooks, cautionary tale, read-aloud texts, read-aloud strategies


This article advocates and promotes the practice of reading aloud to children, adults, and everybody in between, by parents, siblings, teachers, librarians, and guardians throughout the world. At the same time, it article presents a cautionary tale about reading aloud. The tale is based on an instance of one guest reader who read aloud a picturebook to children at a public reading session sponsored by Scholastic. Author experiences with and personal reflections on this session describes several cautions to adults (teachers, administrators, parents, grandparents, and guardians) that reading aloud to children is not a simple activity, but a complex art. A brief review of research on reading aloud is presented, highlighting four major categories: reading aloud picturebooks, reading aloud picturebooks across the curriculum, reading aloud picturebooks to older readers, and reading aloud to English Language Learners. A variety of recommended texts and instructional strategies for reading aloud to children are presented and some final thoughts described.

Author Biography

  • Dr. William P. Bintz, Kent State University

    Dr. William P. Bintz ([email protected]) is Professor of Literacy Education at the College of Education, Health, and Human Services; School of Teaching, Learning, and Curriculum; Kent State University, Kent, Ohio. He has taught middle school and high school English Language Arts in Chicago, Illinois, Aquadilla, Puerto Rico, San Juan, Puerto Rico, and Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. In higher education, he has taught literacy courses, focusing mostly on reading theory and practice, at Western Kentucky University, James Madison University, University of Kentucky, and Kent State University. His professional interests include reading instruction across the curriculum and, more recently, the use of postmodern picturebooks in grades K-12.

Reading-Aloud to Children (Bintz, 2023)






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Bintz, W. (2023). Reading-Aloud to Children: A Cautionary Tale with Recommendations for Success. Georgia Journal of Literacy, 45(1), 31–50.

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