Igniting the Fire Within: Culturally Relevant Expository Writing


  • Dr. Adam C. Whitaker Elevate Achievement Educational Services (Atlanta, GA)




writing instruction, culturally relevant writing pedagogy, culturally relevant literacy instruction


This article presents the findings of an action research study that explored the impact of culturally relevant writing instruction in an English classroom. Research practitioners have used terms such as real-life (Moore-Hart, 2005), innovative (Kinloch, 2009), and culturally relevant writing pedagogy (Winn & Johnson, 2011) to denote the type of experiential and relevant writing instruction that should be occurring in classrooms. These terms are synonymous because they require students to leverage their culture, perspectives, interests, and personal experiences as inspiration for writing. The discussion begins by presenting the literature on culturally relevant literacy instruction. Then, the author discusses the steps for implementing this pedagogical approach and provides key insights on the subject matter.

Author Biography

  • Dr. Adam C. Whitaker , Elevate Achievement Educational Services (Atlanta, GA)

    Dr. Adam C. Whitaker, Instructional Designer, Elevate Achievement Educational Services, Atlanta, GA; [email protected]. Dr. Whitaker has been in education for 18 years and has served as an English language arts (ELA) teacher and assistant principal at the middle and high school levels. He serves as a course writer for The New Teacher Project and has trained English teachers for Teach for America. His teaching and research interests include enacting culturally relevant pedagogy, preservice teacher preparation, project-based learning, and literacy across all content disciplines.

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Whitaker, A. (2024). Igniting the Fire Within: Culturally Relevant Expository Writing. Georgia Journal of Literacy, 46(1), 101–112. https://doi.org/10.56887/galiteracy.137

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