How Can Teachers Motivate Reluctant Readers


  • Dr. Maggie Lehman Georgia Southwestern State University



reading motivation, reluctant readers, engagement


Motivating students to read is an important aspect of being an elementary reading teacher. Five second graders and their teacher were involved in the original work that this article is based on. Through classroom observations and one-on-one interviews, this research showed the importance of motivating reluctant readers. This article focuses on one student (Ben) in particular and his struggles with reading motivation. Through this lens of motivating reluctant readers, this article proceeds to share ideas of how classroom teachers can motivate reluctant readers in the classroom setting. Teachers can do a variety of things to motivate their
students to read. One of the first things teachers need to do is get to know their students. Teachers also need to utilize a variety of motivating reading experiences to help motivate students as well as create an engaging and open literacy environment. A final way teachers can motivate their students to read is to implement motivating and relevant classroom activities. Utilizing these ideas to motivate readers will hopefully work to create lifelong learners. 

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  • Dr. Maggie Lehman, Georgia Southwestern State University

    Dr. Maggie Lehman ([email protected]) is an Assistant Professor of Reading and Early Childhood Education at Georgia Southwestern State University. She holds a Doctor of Education in Literacy from the University of Cincinnati. She has taught grades 2, 4, 5 and 6 as a general classroom teacher in Ohio as well as six years of experience teaching undergraduate students both live and online, and three years of experience teaching graduate students. Dr. Lehman’s research interests include student motivation to read, student interactions, and how preservice teachers view reading and the teaching of reading. 

How Can Teachers Motivate Reluctant Readers






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