Summer Acceleration in Literacy: A Collaborative Reading Camp Experience


  • Dr. Erinn Bentley Columbus State University
  • Kim Cason Muscogee County School District
  • Kimberly Evans Double Churches Middle School



reading comprehension, critical thinking, summer reading support, collaborative reading


As students progress through middle and secondary grades, they continually encounter increasingly rigorous texts. These students must possess the comprehension and critical thinking skills needed to respond to such texts. Additionally, students need teachers who possess the pedagogical knowledge to teach reading comprehension across content areas. For those students who are struggling readers, the summer months -- in particular -- can be detrimental if appropriate reading resources and instruction are not provided. This article describes one school's initiative to provide middle school students with additional summer reading support and provide reading pedagogical training to pre-service content teachers. By collaborating with a local teacher preparation program, in-service teachers in the focus middle developed an interdisciplinary reading camp. This article describes the camp's structure and its impact on students, in-service teachers, and pre-service teachers.


Author Biographies

  • Dr. Erinn Bentley, Columbus State University

    Dr. Erinn Bentley ([email protected]) is a former secondary English teacher and is currently an Assistant Professor of English Education at Columbus State University. 

  • Kim Cason, Muscogee County School District

    Kim Cason ([email protected]) is a former high school English teacher, and is currently an Academic Coach in the Muscogee County School District. 

  • Kimberly Evans, Double Churches Middle School

    Kimberly Evans ([email protected]) is a 4th year teacher at Double Churches Middle School, where she teaches 7th and 8th grade English Language Arts. 

Summer Acceleration in Literacy: A Collaborative Reading Camp Experience






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Bentley, E., Cason, K., & Evans, K. M. (2016). Summer Acceleration in Literacy: A Collaborative Reading Camp Experience . Georgia Journal of Literacy, 39(1), 20-29.

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