Literature Circles: Something Old, Something New


  • Dr. Lina B. Soares Georgia Southern University



literature circles, reading motivation, classroom discussions, reader response


Motivating students to read is an important aspect of Reading researchers have determined that activities focusing on reader response, such as literature circles, dialogue journals, and classroom discussions are ways of connecting students' life experiences to texts, increasing understanding of texts, shaping subjectivities, and building communities of learners. Literature circles are a literature-based instructional strategy employed in literacy classrooms today as a way to encourage students to talk about literature. The concept of literature circles, including a description and an explanation of how the approach is most commonly used in classrooms today is presented, followed by the research evidence that delineates the critical benefits students received from literature circle participation. The article concludes with a brief look into literature circles for the 21st century.


Author Biography

  • Dr. Lina B. Soares, Georgia Southern University

    Dr. Lina B. Soares ([email protected]) is an Associate Professor at Georgia Southern University where she teaches undergraduate and graduate students. Dr. Soares's research focuses on adolescent literacy and reading in the content areas. She has published and presented on these topics in international, national, and state settings. 

Literature Circles: Something Old Something New






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Soares, L. (2016). Literature Circles: Something Old, Something New. Georgia Journal of Literacy, 39(1), 30-36.

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