Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teachers of Reading


  • Dr. Vicki Luther Macon State College



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In 1989, Stephen R. Covey introduced us to a book entitled The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. In the book, Covey challenges readers to change their lives, and subsequently better their lives, by embodying seven primary habits into every day events. As I thumbed through the pages and perused through Covey's advice, I began to see a correlation between his "habits" and the attributes that we as teachers of reading must possess. As a former elementary school teacher and now as an educator of pre-service teachers, I can say with certainty that there is no more important job than that of a teacher of reading. As I read through the habits, I began thinking about the fact that teachers must exhibit strong positive habits and traits in order that their students, year after year, become fluent, independent, and lifelong readers. Without positive habits, reading instruction will suffer and student potential could be wasted. At that moment, questions began to fill my head: What are seven habits of highly effective teachers of reading? How can Covey's insight be used to enhance the teaching of reading? Using the same framework of Covey's seven habits, I started to think about what each habit may look like for those who teach reading skills to children on a daily basis.

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  • Dr. Vicki Luther, Macon State College

    Dr. Vicki Luther ([email protected]) is an assistant professor in the Macon State College School of Education where she teaches literacy courses. Prior to joining the Macon State faculty in 2007 she was an elementary classroom teacher for 10 years and was an assistant professor at East Carolina University. Her degrees include an Ed.D. in Innovation and Literacy from Wilmington University and a bachelor of science degree in Elementary Education and Learning Disabilities from Southern Wesleyan University. 

Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teachers of Reading






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