Books You and Your Students Need to 'Check Out'!


  • Dr. Christine A. Draper Georgia Southern University



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In 2012 the number of children's book titles published was 32,624 (Statista, 2015). This number is staggering for any teacher or media specialist to keep up with. Unfortunately, you can't always trust reviews you see posted online as well since these could have been written by the author's friends and family members (Bucher & Hinton, 2014). So, what is a teacher or media specialist to do? This new column is designed with the busy teacher and media center specialist in mind. In the spring and fall, I will highlight and review several high quality books that you may want to add to your reading list.

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  • Dr. Christine A. Draper, Georgia Southern University

    Dr. Christine A. Draper ([email protected]) is an Associate Professor at Georgia Southern University. She has taught classes on the nature and needs of middle grades learners, young adolescent literature, and language arts methods for the middle grades teacher. She currently serves as the National Chair for NCTE's - Notable Children's Books in the Language Arts Awards.

Books You and Your Students Need to 'Check Out'!






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