Vol. 45 No. 2 (2023)

GJL (Fall 2023, 45.2)

The fall 2023 issue of the Georgia Journal of Literacy delves into a crucial intersection: the empirically supported science of reading and the ever-present need for diversity, inclusion, and multi-modal literacies in our classrooms. Our contributors approach this conundrum from multiple angles—examining ESOL co-teaching strategies, leveraging picturebook biographies for inspiration, implementing culturally relevant pedagogies, and providing practical teaching tips for diverse classrooms. Through a carefully curated ensemble of articles, we challenge traditional paradigms and advocate for a literacy education that is scientifically rigorous yet deeply sensitive to the rich tapestry of cultural, linguistic, and cognitive diversity in our classrooms.

Editors: Drs. Robert A. Griffin and Bethany L. Scullin, University of West Georgia ([email protected])

Published: 11/13/2023